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Leather products

There are wide variety of leather products, but cowhide is the main material used in most of them. Features and quality of leather vary depending on age of cows and finishing methods.

Leather demands a lot of attention on a routine bases

Clean the surface with dry and soft cloth regularly. Make sure to wipe especially finger marks and sweat with which mold is grown on.

Important not to get the products wet

If it gets wet, pat it with dry cloth to dry off as quick as thought.
In this case, pat dry with a dry cloth.

Make sure not to scrub by wiping up. The dirt on surface penetrates into interior of the products and it becomes a frequent cause of smear.

After dry off the products, stuff paper (newspaper and such) returning to original shape and dry in shade in a well-ventilated place.

Do not take hot-dry method using dryer and avoid direct sunlight, which may cause shrinkage and stiffening of leather.

When the products are dried completely, apply protective oil or cream.

Be aware in advance of type of leather and surface finishing method, and use designated cream. First try it in invisible spot before applying cream to avoid color fading, stain and shape deterioration.

Eliminate stain when showing dirt in leather

Use eraser and such to make some stain go away being careful of fading color. Apply special cream for leather treatment to wipe finger marks or grease. Make sure to try it first in invisible spot.

Do not use benzene/thinner and such flammable solvent.

Washing in water is a frequent cause of leather material destruction, color fading and shape deterioration.

Synthetic Fiber products(Nylon, PU leather and etc., )

Textile product is divided broadly into natural materials such as cotton, hemp, silk etc. and artificial fiber such as nylon, polyester, acrylic and etc. 
Natural material has big attraction in hand feeling and the features of each material at the same time, it possesses an element of danger to lose color and etc.
However, the color fading sometimes goes for fashion in canvas bags and jeans.
Among artificial fibers, nylon and polyester are used most often as main material for bags due to its lightweight, durability and rubbing resistance.

Daily care

Clean the surface with soft brush to dust off.

Stain Cleaning

Use eraser and such to make some stain go away being careful of fading color. Use neutral soap, rinse with a damp sponge to wipe finger marks and oily dirt.

Take particular note of natural material for color fading.
Do not use flammable solvent such as gasoline, thinner and such.

Do not use a washing machine and dry cleaning is also strictly prohibited.

Synthetic Leather products

It is artificial material injected with resin or coated. The material is more homogeneous than natural leather and withstands water exposure and dirt and also easy to care for. 
Judging from the nature of the material, aging degradation is unavoidable.
Keep the products in breathable bags and make sure to put it an aerated spot.

Daily care

Rub with dry cloth.


Wipe out with soft damp cloth with a few drops of mild detergent.


When you use the products, please pay attention to the following instructions.

  • When you dress in delicate material clothes (cashmere, silk, wool, etc.), it may fuzz caused by rubbing of shoulder belt and fabric.
  • Do not use benzene/thinner and such flammable solvent.
    Washing in water is also prohibited.
  • Pay attention to getting magnetic card and anti-magnetic items in and out when magnet snap is used on the products. 
  • Do not keep the products in high-temperature place such as cars for long time. It may cause shape deterioration and color transfer/fading.
  • Prevent overloading or overweighting stuff.
  • Bags are designed and developed for the purpose of carrying stuff in travel and business scenes. Do not use for improper purposes.
  • Please keep bag in a place of good ventilation but no ultraviolet ray. Keeping the product in a plastic bag or a carton box may quicken the gradation such as hydrolysis of the handle and the casters. In case of re-using the bag after a long storage, please make an inspection of the product again, such as putting a baggage on the handle to check if there is any defect.

For Storage

  • In order to prevent archenemy of mold from getting on the products, rub with dry cloth and dry in shade, and then store in dry and well-ventilated place . In this case, do not forget to stuff paper (newspaper and such) inside to prevent shape deterioration.
  • Importance of “day-off”. For keep the shape of the bags, please do not use the bag every day.
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